Hi, welcome to my blog, The Victorian Blogger.

I am a 17-year-old aspiring historian who created this blog in order to expand on my natural love and infatuation with the nineteenth century and the Victorian way of life. Personally, I find history to be one of the most interesting and exciting subjects to exist, as it is always changing and growing and further interpretations and explanations are always developing. To me, it seems baffling to walk around my local town and realize that someone will have walked in my exact footsteps thousands of years before me. I grew up in a historic small city in Sussex, meaning I have been thoroughly exposed to history throughout my entire life. I live opposite an old cattle market that existed and thrived in the Roman period of Britain, and it amazes me to think that people lived such a different life but in the same place that I live now. Furthermore, my mother is a history teacher meaning I have grown up surrounded by history and artifacts that reveal small fragments of the past, further encouraging my enthusiasm to learn. A word to best describe me would be inquisitive, as I love to learn and research and grow my knowledge, which encouraged me to start up this blog in order to do just that.

I believe that history is so much more than a bunch of dead people making poor decisions as my friends like to describe it. History shaped my entire life from the minute I was born and the moments and decisions that occurred before me have shaped every single thing around me. It is owed to these people who essentially made me and my life that it is to learn and research the past and discover what made the world how it is today.

My particular infatuation with history with both the Victorian era and World War Two. Modern history personally appeals to me more than any other kind, however, over the summer I have learnt to broaden my horizons and research other periods of time also. However, my love for the nineteenth century will remain perpetually as I have been enthralled with the Victorian era since I studied it in primary school, almost 7 years ago.

I currently study my A-levels at a local sixth form and of course, am taking history alongside law and English literature with a previous AS year of biology. I soon hope to start applying to various universities to study history at degree level in order to develop my skills as a historian and spend the rest of my life surrounded by a subject that I love.

Feel free to look at my contact page and contact me through any platform if you have any questions, would like to talk or have some information that you think I would find interesting. I hope whoever is reading this enjoys my blog and learns something new from it.

From, The Victorian Blogger.