The Industrial Revolution

Although the Industrial Revolution began around 1760 in Britain, it did not finish until around 1840, meaning that the Industrial Revolution had finally hit its peak point during the Victorian era, making it synonymous with this period of time due to the newfound use of technology and the further breakthroughs during the nineteenth century that were finally able to be used throughout the remainder of the Victorian era. Therefore, the Industrial Revolution changed the way that the nineteenth century continued, however, made it harder for many people to live. Families had to move to industrial cities in order to find work and many jobs were lost to new machinery or children who were smaller and agile, meaning were more equipped to work the new machinery.

The Industrial Revolution began in 1760 when previously rural and agricultural based countries transformed into new urbanised, industrial areas conducted by new found machinery and a growing capitalist society. Before this time, work was usually done in the countryside using hand tools and basic machinery, however, transportation and industry developed quickly and allowed industrialisation to change the way that the nineteenth century once was.

Although the Revolution seemed to be an improvement to many industries and a closer image of the fast-developing technological modern world, it, in fact, brought about many detrimental changes to many lives. Working classes were often subject to poor living conditions due to mass migration towards industrial cities for work and the working conditions were often unsafe and poor as developers of companies tried to spend as little on the employees as possible in order to beat new found competition. Child labour soared as a result and many children died working machinery, and as a result of their poor living and working conditions, meaning that the industrialisation of the cities actually hid a dark underside as it thrived on the work of the working classes who were suffering as a result.

From, The Victorian Blogger


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