Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is a name that brings many people to shiver at the thought of the harrowing murder cases of women that arose in 1888 during the Victorian period in England. The crimes were infamous and something completely disturbing and extraordinary as serial crimes of this calibre was rarely ever seen. The murders of five, possibly six, women took place in Whitechapel, London during August to November.

The victims of the horrific murders were all known prostitutes, except for one, Elizabeth Stride. The first murder of Mary Ann Nicholls occurred on the 31st of August, 1888. Then, Annie Chapman was murdered on the 8th of September. Both Catherine Eddoweson and Elizabeth Stride were killed on the 30th of September. Finally, Mary Jane Kelly was murdered on the 9th of November. These victims were seen as the five ‘canonical’ victims of Jack the Ripper, however, some consider Martha Tabram who was killed on the 6th of August to be his first real victim. During the Victorian era, prostitution was rife and many women suffered extreme violence, meaning that Jack the Ripper appeared to have some form of motive, however, the killing of Elizabeth Stride can then be disputed due to her lack of prostitutions. This raises certain questions such as if Jack the Ripper had a hatred of prostitution, why did he kill Stride and why did he stop killing after his last murder?

Interestingly, the killer of Jack the Ripper was never actually identified and he is believed to have never killed again following 1888. The mystery of the case is something that remains notorious throughout English history and breakthroughs are still being made even today in an attempt to identify the killer. Due to never being identified, it is difficult to identify why the murders targeted particularly prostitutes, and we will never truly understand the motive behind the brutal crimes. Furthermore, it will never be known if he ever did kill again, or why he did appear to stop killing following this period. However, despite never being caught, Jack the Ripper remains one of the most enigmatic and mysterious killers throughout the entirety of history with the cases standing out immensely from any others of the Victorian period. Thus, the mystery of Jack the Ripper appears to be perpetual and will always cloud those who study the murders with questions and riddles.

From, The Victorian Blogger


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